How to lower cholesterol with folk remedies?

Linden 1. Linden to lower cholesterol A good recipe for high cholesterol: take powder of dried linden flowers. Grind in a coffee grinder lime flowers into flour. 3 times a day to take 1 tsp. such a lime flour. Drink a month, then a break of 2 weeks and another month to take [...]

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What to expect during Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization (cardiac cath, heart cath) is an invasive procedure used to evaluate and treat heart conditions. A thin, long, flexible tube is inserted, usually in the arm or groin, and is guided to the blood vessels of your heart. Angiography is almost always done during the procedure, which involves injecting dye into your vessels [...]

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What Is a Nuclear Stress Test?

A nuclear stress test is a study aimed at measuring whether the blood flow to your heart muscle is normal or abnormal. The study utilizes a radioactive tracer to create an image of how well blood is reaching your heart muscle, both during exercise and while at rest. If you are unable to exercise, or [...]

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