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The Healthy Way Cardiology Centre specializes in cardiac testing services and diagnostics. Our patients begin by consulting with one of our experienced cardiologists who will evaluate their condition and recommend treatments and management of any cardiovascular problems. First and foremost is the prevention of heart disease and our services are aligned with a plan that will help promote ongoing cardiovascular health.

Cardiac Testing Services


Bring your valid Health Card
Provide us with 24 hours notice for cancellation
Bring a complete list of your medications to all tests.

The Healthy Way’s cardiac testing services include a variety of cardiology diagnostic tests used by cardiologists to diagnose, treat and manage heart disease. The cardiologists at The Healthy Way also strive to educate patients about the best ways to attain and maintain good cardiovascular health.

It is very important for cardiologists to be able to receive cardiac test results quickly and accurately. That is why, as part of their cardiac testing services, The Healthy Way consistently delivers accurate and reliable cardiology diagnostic test results in a timely fashion to help cardiologists serve their patients in the best way possible.

The cardiology experts at The Healthy Way have extensive experience in cardiac testing and diagnostics and are fully committed to helping patients avoid, treat or manage heart disease and achieve good cardiovascular health. The Healthy Way strives to make their cardiac testing services as comfortable as possible for patients by providing superior customer service in a professional private environment.

The Healthy Way uses only the latest state-of-the-art cardiology diagnostic equipment as part of their cardiac testing services to guarantee the highest level of accuracy possible. They also emphasize the importance of fast turnaround time and delivery of test results to the referring cardiologists.