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At The Healthy Way Cardiology Centre, we aim to provide our patients with accessible medical services of the highest quality. Our job is to make your life easier, and we do our best to meet whatever your needs may be. We can arrange to schedule multiple cardio tests on the same day (has test requisition form with you or it can be faxed from you family doctor). Test results are normally available within three days and can be delivered over the fax.


Let’s take a closer look at what distinguishes The Healthy Way Cardiology Centre:

  • All services are covered by OHIP (except ABPM – Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor – 24 hours).
  • Highly skilled professionals.
  • The most modern medical equipment.
  • Open for patients five days a week.
  • Continuing to extend services.
  • An opportunity to obtain directions to the diagnosis.
  • We provide cardiac tests at home for the patients who had hard attack. Just give us a call and our skilled specialists will come to you.
  • You can get same day appointment for test by request.
  • The results are sent in 3 days after the test. If desired, you can get a response on the test day.

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